General English (NZLC Auckland)
  • Period
  • Price
  • 1 Weeks
  • NZD NZ$ 280.00/ Week
  • 12 Weeks
  • NZD NZ$ 270.00/ Week
  • 24 Weeks
  • NZD NZ$ 260.00/ Week
Request Information From School Admin
Monday to Thursday 9.00am – 3.15pm
Fridays 9.00am – 12.15pm
Other Fees
Textbook ( $50 will be refunded on return of the textbook)
  • Must be settled before arrival
NZD NZ$ 100.00
Airport Transfer (One-way)
  • Upon request
NZD NZ$ 120.00
Airport Transfer (Return)
  • Upon request
NZD NZ$ 200.00
Work Experience / Internship Placement
  • Upon request
NZD NZ$ 250.00
Special Package Arrangement (English + Sports / Culture / Rugby / Farm Stay Experience)
  • Upon request
NZD NZ$ 200.00
Student Insurance per month
  • Upon request
NZD NZ$ 55.00
Job Search Assistance
  • Upon request
NZD NZ$ 0.00
Au Pair Placement
  • Upon request
NZD NZ$ 350.00
NZQA-approved English Test (NET)
  • Upon request
NZD NZ$ 150.00
Auckland-New Zealand
NZLC Auckland, Customs Street West, Auckland, New Zealand
General English
Lessons / Week
Conducted Language
Class Schedule
Monday - Friday Morning , Monday - Friday Afternoon
Minimum Age Intake
16 years old
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NZLC courses is Suitable for all levels (Beginner to Advanced). It helps you to Improve your English language knowledge and skills. It's communicative, practical and fun. There will be Regular progress tests and academic counseling which help students gain confidence in a supportive environment. We introduce students to local culture through activities and project work. The course is taught by qualified, supportive and friendly teachers. It also Leads to a variety of further NZLC course options.


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