Terms and Conditions for School Managers

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Member/Advertiser Responsibility / Foreign Study Disclaimer:

Information contained in school listings is the sole responsibility of the Member/Advertiser supplying the information. Any complaints or disputes arising from information contained in a school listing (including, but not restricted to, pricing, start dates and class availability) shall be settled between the Member/Advertiser and the other party. Members/Advertisers must keep their information as accurate and up to date as possible. The Member/Advertiser accepts that Foreign Study is not responsible for information supplied by Members/Advertisers. On registering and joining this school listing facility on Foreign Study, Members/Advertisers agree to keep their listings wholly accurate, lawful and up-to-date. The Member/Advertiser, its representatives and agents agree to save and share the account registration history and original account login details within its own admissions team or with the person who is most responsible for the online marketing of the Member/Advertiser, so that future admissions administrators and agents of the Member/Advertiser will have easy reference to the account registration history. The Member/Advertiser accepts that it alone is responsible, and that Foreign Study is not responsible, for the saving and storing of all of its original account registration history and original account login details.


Member/Advertiser Registration and Listing Creation:

The person/advertiser completing this registration process must be an employee or representative with the authority to supply information on behalf of the school/college/ institution or educational organization. Information provided can be constantly updated at any time throughout the year by logging into the Member/Advertiser account area, and editing the listing pages. Foreign Study administration will review the listing changes and approve or reject them before they are uploaded to the live listing. The Member/Advertiser will then be notified of this.


Information Submitted:

Members/Advertisers must provide a working website URL and accurately fill in all areas required in the registration form. Foreign Study reserves the right to refuse any school/college/institution or educational organization that it feels is not yet ready for listing on our website.



Information supplied to Foreign Study is used to promote schools/colleges/ institutions and educational organizations on the Foreign Study website, and throughout affiliated Learn4Good websites. Foreign Study will not use member/advertiser information for any other purpose than for which it is submitted.



The purpose of a listing on Foreign Study is to expose the member/advertiser's business and programs to a targeted audience on Foreign Study, and throughout affiliated Foreign Study websites with the sole objective of generating education leads (by email inquiry or web link or database post - depending on the type and status of the listing / ad). The purpose of a free listing is to generate education leads (by email inquiry) via the Contact Form page of the listing on Foreign Study.


Copyright of Content and Use of Content Published on Foreign Study:

Foreign Study has the absolute right (but not the responsibility) to verify, publish or exclude from publication, all or part, of the information supplied for listing purposes by the member/advertiser. Therefore, if Foreign Study judges that what a member/advertiser has entered is not suitable for publication, Foreign Study has the absolute right to exclude it without notice.


Foreign Study may not control the copyright of all images/ logos on this Website.


The member/advertiser fully accepts that in order to complete a listing, enhance the aesthetic appeal of a listing and/or make it suitable for publication, Foreign Study's experienced listing administrators and creators may when required, use additional text excerpts and/or images from the member/advertiser's own website. The member/advertiser accepts that the purpose of adding images and additional text excerpts is solely to help make the listing entry complete and suitable for publication, and enhance the listings ability to generate targeted leads for the member/advertiser. The member/advertiser may then further update the wording of the listing at any time (as long as it remains in compliance with the purpose of this site).


The member/advertiser agrees to first discuss by email or telephone any such content (text, image) related matters with Foreign Study if/when the member/advertiser needs to remove or edit any content or the entire listing and registration. Foreign Study will then immediately assist the member/advertiser with that request.


Foreign Study does permit the member/advertiser to use the exact text copy or a highly similar copy to that used on the unique listing (ad) on Foreign Study on their ads or entries on 3rd party sites. Infringement of copyright by the member/advertiser or website user includes, but is not limited to, copying material, pages, layout, functionality, images, graphic elements and text, for use, reproduction, distribution or display on competitor website/s and other third party website/s and online directories.


In case of breach of copyright laws or of these terms and conditions, Foreign Study reserves the right to claim compensation from the Member/Advertiser in question. Members/Advertisers agree to relieve Foreign Study from any claim, action or demand that a third party may make against Foreign Study for misuse of material on a listing by that member/advertiser. Foreign Study reserves the right of defence against such claims, actions or demands. The Member/Advertiser in question will reimburse Foreign Study of all costs to Foreign Study and will support Foreign Study by all evidential means against claims, actions or demands of third parties.



If a member/advertiser disagrees with these terms and conditions and the policy of this Website, then that member/advertiser should not use this Website, and is not permitted to copy, reproduce or display content, information and material contained on this Website.


We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions.


Any inquiries regarding the above should be made to info@foreignstudy.tw