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  • Lowest Price / week
  • USD $ 150.00
*Price applicable for : 4  weeks
School Opening Hours
Mon-Fri Office Hours: 8.00am - 6.00 pm
  • 1 Students
Maximum Capacity
300 Students
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School Introduction

CEA is a newly established Japanese-funded language school school from 2015. The school later on expanded its operations and relocated to the current building near SM Cebu city from January 2017 . The emphasis of the classes here are on one-on-one teaching aim at increasing the students' ability to speak English. The classes are diversified with flexible timetable and curriculum that allows students to arrange courses that better suit their needs.

In order to help students to improve their English skills in a short period of time, a thorough English-Only-Policy (EOP) system has been adopted in the school. Besides the main office, ONLY English can be spoken in all corners of the school. Teachers here are friendly with the student. Students can choose the suitable courses based on the number of one-to-one class they desired per day. Hence, students seldom feel stressed towards the curriculum.

Most of the meals provided in the school are Japanese and other Asian cuisine as most of the students here are Asians.
The new campus is located next to Cebu SM Mall. In addition to the shopping convenience, there are many restaurants, massage centers, cinemas, and other entertainment facilities around. Hence you would enjoy a colorful life after school hours here!

Special Addition of Classes in the school:-
*In most of the schools, there is no make up classes on the holidays. However, CEA will make up classes on certain holidays! If you happen to feel like coming to Cebu to study English during the holiday season, such as December and January, do consider taking courses in CEA!

Course offered at CEA

  • ESL 4 (CEA) :
  • Lessons/Week : 35
  • Min Enrollment : 1 Week
  • Price/Week : USD $ 150.00
  • ESL 5 (CEA) :
  • Lessons/Week : 40
  • Min Enrollment : 1 Week
  • Price/Week : USD $ 175.00
  • ESL 6 (CEA) :
  • Lessons/Week : 45
  • Min Enrollment : 1 Week
  • Price/Week : USD $ 200.00
  • ESL 8 (CEA) :
  • Lessons/Week : 50
  • Min Enrollment : 1 Week
  • Price/Week : USD $ 263.00
  • ESL Junior :
  • Lessons/Week : 40
  • Min Enrollment : 1 Week
  • Price/Week : USD $ 200.00
  • ESL幼兒班 :
  • Lessons/Week : 15
  • Min Enrollment : 1 Week
  • Price/Week : USD $ 150.00

Accommodations Offered at CEA

Student Reference for CEA

    Reference posted :  
  • 22nd February 2018 (Thursday)
  • 11:36 PM

  • Total Studying period :  
  • 24 Weeks
Student’s Score & Review :
Score : 100/100
I really appreciate all teachers, friends, and staff at CEA

My name is Haruki Matsuzaki. I have studied English in CEA for 6 months. Studying abroad is a first time experience for me especially for someone who did not hardly studied English. Before I came here, I was a little nervous because I have not talked confidently to other nationalities. However, this anxiety started to diminish after I had my classes here. One reason is that most of the teachers are very kind and an optimist. They always make an effort to comfort me in my English life.

I have had good experiences not only in my English area but also getting experience and wonder memories with my teachers and friends. Eating out, going to the beach, having a city tour were the things I will not forget in Cebu.

I will keep on studying English for my aim is to work abroad.

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