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  • USD $ 150.00
*Price applicable for : 4  weeks
School Opening Hours
Mon-Fri Office Hours: 8.00am - 6.00 pm
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Maximum Capacity
300 Students
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School Introduction

Ë&G國際語言中心成立於2006年6月26日, 剛開始時只有6名教師和5名學生頂著。從那時起,這一數字一直增長。 E&G學校在達沃市,學生主要來自韓國和日本。以加強學生們的基礎知識和英語學習能力為目標。學校提供空調宿舍客房,餐廳,供應三餐,每天有無數的1:1和團體課,洗衣服務,客房清潔服務,二十四小時的wifi服務,主管辦公室的工作人員,24 -hour CCTV系統和保安服務。儘管全菲律賓現在在很多城市都有許多語言中心林立,E&G還是一個很好的選擇。學生特別喜歡到薩馬爾島那令人嘆為觀止的島嶼跳島。學校附近有幾個大商場和娛樂設備,是想放鬆的學生尋找娛樂的好去處。學校的未來目標是能夠為更多的學生提供最新英語教學和世界一流的水平。

Course offered at E&G

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1. If the student arrives at school on weekday instead of weekends:
1.1 Whenever he / she arrives, the school will provide pick-up service from the airport.
1.2. Students shall have the orientation on the second day of arrival. (Orientation includes entrance exam/Welcome address/Currency exchange etc, but no class).
1.3. If the student arrives in the morning, the student may choose to take the entrance exam in the afternoon so that he/she can start the class on the next day.
2. Check-in and check-out should be on the same day of the week;
2.1 If the student arrives on Saturday, he/she should check-out on Saturday.
2.2 Same for Sunday check in.
2.3 Any extension of stay is subject to 1000 php/day of fee.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy
* If you are unable to continue your course due to an accident or illness of yourself or your immediate family, you will be refunded 50% of the remaining tuition fees and accommodation fees regardless of the remaining period of tuition (students need to submit proof)

* Once you are admitted, you will be deemed to have accepted the E & G's refund policy and will be refunded in accordance with the E & G refund policy below:-
1. For cancellation when students have consumed less than 25% of the total tuition period, 50% of the remaining tuition and accommodation fees will be refunded.
2. For cancellation when students have consumed more than 25% of the total tuition period, no refund.

* For students who are absent without prior notification, no refund shall be made after 3 weeks of absent.

* There will be no refund for any student who enrolled for only 8 weeks or less.