English Fella
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  • USD $ 200.00
*Price applicable for : 4  weeks
School Opening Hours
Mon-Fri Office Hours: 8.00am - 6.00 pm
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Maximum Capacity
500 Students
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School Introduction

There are 2 campuses in English Fella, both located at the north of Cebu City. The first campus can accommodate up to 150 students. The second campus can accommodate up to 200 students. Most of the students in the English Fella come from South Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan. Fella offers a very diverse curriculum, such as ESL, IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL courses.

Fella is a resort-style language center. Students get to experience English immersion program in this beautiful resort. But make no mistake, students are not here to enjoy the resort life. They come here to learn English in a SPARTA or semi-SPARTA way. It is a very good method to help their students to achieve their goals - improve their English. There are many courses offered at Fella, including ESL, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEFL and much more. Courses and prices vary according to different campuses. You can stay inside Fella campuses. There are single room, double room and triple rooms for you to choose from.

Fella is well known for the SPARTA courses. Campus 1 is a general campus where students get to study with more relaxed timetable.

Campus 2 is the Sparta campus where it features intensive learning environment. The unique study environment in Campus 2 features the followings:-
1. There are 2 hours of compulsory self-study classes per day and 2 group classes on Saturday where students most attend.

2. There are daily test, weekly test, monthly test program to monitor students' progress intensively and continuously.

3. Students are forbidden to step out from the campus during weekdays. Besides, students who fail the exam will also be prohibited to step out from the campus during the weekends.

Campus Extra-curricular Activities:-
Fella holds a monthly speech contest, namely the "Fella Day". Business English students must attend the contest in order to graduate. Other students can choose to participate if they would like to.

Course offered at English Fella

  • ESL 4 (Fella) :
  • Lessons/Week : 35
  • Min Enrollment : 1 Week
  • Price/Week : USD $ 200.00
  • ESL 6 (Fella) :
  • Lessons/Week : 35
  • Min Enrollment : 1 Week
  • Price/Week : USD $ 225.00
  • PIC 4 (Fella) :
  • Lessons/Week : 35
  • Min Enrollment : 1 Week
  • Price/Week : USD $ 213.00
  • PIC 5 (Fella) :
  • Lessons/Week : 35
  • Min Enrollment : 1 Week
  • Price/Week : USD $ 238.00

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