• Lowest Price / week
  • NZD NZ$ 325.00
*Price applicable for : 2  weeks
Auckland-New Zealand
School Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 8.00am - 5.00pm
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Maximum Capacity
1000 Students
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School Introduction

About WWSE Campus
Worldwide School is located in the center of Auckland. Located in 80 Anzac Ave, it is housed in a modern six-storey building.
First floor: Audio-visual classroom
Second floor: library, computer room and learning center
Third floor: Student helpdesk and administrative center
Fifth floor: Classrooms
Sixth floor: Student lounge and dining area, entertainment area, outdoor seating area and cafe.
Here you can enjoy the view of beautiful Oakland Harbor.

About classes and students
Our school is governed by a group of professional team and staff, ready to patiently help students to solve their problems and needs. There are general courses and other advanced courses, including Cambridge, IELTS and TOEIC courses for students to choose from. We use the most advanced teaching methods to teach English. We design the course to enable students to better integrate into the curriculum with their own learning path. At school, our teachers come from different English-speaking countries and our students come from more than 30 different countries. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to really learn and experience International English environment.

About teaching materials
Our students do not need to buy teaching materials as the school will provide them for free. Our school do not use a specific book. The teacher will provide a wide range of learning materials in each class to help the students to learn better. Each classroom is equipped with LED TV for teaching, making our teaching more interesting.

About English exams and transcripts
We conduct two exams every month, once every two weeks - The first exam focuses on listening and writing while the second one focuses on reading and speaking. Students will receive the test results and reports at the end of the month. This transcript will indicate the students' four skills and grades in English Test, attendance and teacher's opinion.

Study and work Program
The New Zealand government announces that students who study in NZQA category 1 schools can work in New Zealand, provided:-
1. Students enroll to the school under student visa and those who are enrolled for for more than 14 weeks of classes. (Or working holiday visa)
2. No IELTS required.
3. Students can work for maximum 20 hours per week.
Good News! WWSE is NZQA Class 1 School! To help students find a job in New Zealand, WWSE is working with Function staffing companies which will offer students good career opportunities. Function Staff is a manpower company that offers free training program and arranges work for students in Auckland. Students must study at the WWSE with a student visa or a working holiday visa. After the interview, students must attend 1-2 sessions of 4-hour training. Function Staff chooses students based on their English level, experience, visa duration, job skills, and other criteria.
Wages: After completing the training - the hourly wage is around NZ $ 15.39-NZ $ 16

After-school activities and weekend trips / school parties
We organize a series of after-school activities and weekend trips, including farm experience, internships, home assistants, summer sports (diving, sailing and surfing), environmental volunteers, travel, hotel management , Computer and international flight attendants courses. Every two months, the school specially organize different theme parties. Gorgeous costumes, in addition to gourmet beer, students are invited to join the parties and perform some traditional dances of their countries to showcase their culture.

Combo Program
Combo Program is a collaborative program of four New Zealand based language schools that have been the longest-established and highly sought-after schools. We are associated schools located in four different regions of New Zealand. Founded in 1997, you can study English at four different campuses under one program. With Combo School selected, you can learn English in two or three different places in New Zealand.
* Queenstown is a world-famous adventure capital, famous for its sightseeing, skiing, exciting sporting events and scenic views.
* Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and New Zealand's second-largest city, famous for its very good lifestyle.
* Napier is a beautiful seaside city and is famous for its warm climate, beautiful natural surroundings, award winning wines and decorative architecture.
* Auckland is New Zealand's largest city and an international seaport. Students in the Combo program are free to transfer between 4 schools

Course offered at WWSE

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Refund Policy

Courses three months or more
•If the course is of three months duration or more and the withdrawal occurs up to the end of the tenth working day after the first day on which the PTE requires the student to attend the establishment: In such cases the PTE may deduct up to 25 per cent of the fees paid, provided the PTE incurred costs to this amount and can justify these costs.
•(As per section 235A(1)(a) and (b) of the Education Act and as set out in the Education (Refund Requirements for International Students) Notice 2012.

Courses five weeks or more but less than three months
•If the course is of five weeks or more but less than three months and the withdrawal occurs up to the end of the fifth day after the start of the course: In such cases, the PTE must pay an amount equal to the fees paid less a deduction of 25 per cent.
•(As per section 235A(1)(c) and (d) of the Education Act.)

Courses under five weeks
•If the course is under five weeks and the withdrawal occurs up to the end of the second day after the start of the course: In such cases, the PTE must pay an amount equal to the fees paid less a deduction of 50 per cent. However, if two days constitutes the full amount of tuition paid for by the student, the PTE may retain 100 per cent of the payment
•(As per section 235A(1)(c) and (d) of the Education Act.)

PTE's own refund policy
•These are minimum requirements. Students are entitled to a refund in line with a PTE's own refund policy. This may allow for amounts greater than the above. In special circumstances a PTE may also elect to make a refund that is greater than specified in its refund policy

- Refunds are sent to the payment source (usually agent/retailer) of the student after the student has cancelled their student visa for Worldwide School and/or changed their return flight and shown these to a Director at Worldwide School.
- After the above periods no refund will be given unless in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Directors.
- Refunds are calculated in NZ$ regardless of the currency in which payment was received.
- Students cannot shorten courses or transfer afternoon classes to extra morning classes.
- Students are not able to transfer their tuition fees to another student. There is no refund on extensions or re enrolments.
- After arrival accommodation payments can be refunded after 2 weeks notice is given to both the host family and accommodation manager.
- Students cannot have their first 4 weeks of accommodation refunded. Accommodation refunds after that are given after 2 weeks notice and after you have left the accommodation.